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Giannakakis Jewellery

Our enterprise of GIANNAKAKIS jewellery production and trading was established in 2005 in Rethymno, Crete as a result of continuous, successful presence in the industry of jewellery since 1999.It was set up by Vassilios Giannakakis (DGA), diamonds graduate of the British Institute of Gemology and graduate of the Goldsmiths’ School of Athens.

The company headquarters

In the atelier of our enterprise which is situated in the centre of Athens, we produce jewellery in K18 (750°) of gold, pink and white colour, harmoniously combining precious and semi-precious stones. Our premises and equipment are more than contemporary. All the forementioned along with the experience of the highly-trained enterprise personnel as well as our deep love for jewellery give us the satisfaction of providing our partnerswith a high quality product in morethan 260 spots…. in Greece and World.


Additionally, inside the enterprise operates an autonomous design section with experienced and specialized personnel. This fact allows us not only watch but also promptly adjust the percepts of fashion to our jewellery, thus covering  even the most demanding needs of our partners and customers in Greece and abroad.


The source of our inspiration is the modern and sophisticated woman who desires a piece of intertemporal jewellery  following at the same time the trends of fashion. We accomplish this through the highly careful design and the innovations we apply on the production of every single piece of jewellery.